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We have collected the answers to the most commonly asked questions below.

How much does a school registration cost and what information do I need?

We have put together some flexible student user based pricing, as we understand that implementing new ideas across the whole school is sometimes difficult. A school registration is valid from the sign up completion date, until the end of the current academic year and should be setup by the teacher who takes on the administration responsibilities for your school. A valid postal and email address will be required to complete your registration, which will be used when sending automated email updates and student certificates by post.

A user license for up to 50 students£300.00
A user license for up to 100 students£500.00
A user license for up to 200 students£800.00
A user license for up to 300 students£1,100.00
A user license for up to 500 students£1,600.00
An unlimited student user license£3,000.00

I am a student and I want to use the system, how does it work?

Firstly your school should be registered to use Be More Penguin and your teacher or form tutor should have an account. Once this has happened, your teacher will be able to supply a link via the school email system to setup your own account and start earning points.

What awards are given to the students?

Students are rewarded at different stages of success. Certificates will be sent to each student via the school administrator, when reaching the levels below and the highest scoring student in your school at the end of the next school year, will receive a £20 gift voucher. This also runs alongside rewards for success on the national league table, where high achieving students will receive vouchers for success.

Awards for each school

For 50 completed challenges your student will receive a Bronze Certificate

For 100 completed challenges your student will receive a Silver Certificate

For 150 completed challenges your student will receive a Gold Certificate

For 200 completed challenges your student will receive a Platinum Certificate

£20 gift voucher from the list below, for the top in school

Awards for national success

£100 (vouchers from the list below) for the 1st placed student

£50 (vouchers from the list below) for the 2nd placed student

£20 (vouchers from the list below) for the 3rd placed student

Gift vouchers available

New Look
Top Man
Toys R Us
Sports Direct
Marks & Spencer
W H Smith
H & M
House Of Fraser

How many users am I allowed per school?

Once registered, your school license allows an unlimited amount of teachers and students from your school to setup accounts.

What if I do not have an email address?

It is still possible for you to use the system, but the registration process and challenges should be logged and approved directly with the teacher in class. Alternatively you could ask a parent or guardian to use their email address and ask to be informed when emails are sent to you direct.

What types of goals or challenges can I set?

Be More Penguin is focused on getting students passionate about improving themselves and just doing positive things. So your challenges could include things which are school related, sporting related, things which teach you new skills at home or be linked to your behaviour, the choice is yours. Creating the motivation to improve ourselves drives this system and below we have listed a few examples of challenges set by others, but remember your teacher must see proof that you have completed the challenge before it is approved.

School Related

Give all my homework in on time for a week.
Improve my listening skills in class for a week.
Read a new book.
Increase my levels in a subject by a target date.

Sporting Related

Join a new after school sports club.
Start a new sport at a local club outside school.
Train 3 times or more within the week.
Do 3 fast walks to start the process of making myself fitter.

Home Related or life skills

Do the washing up.
Tiding your room without being asked.
Hoover the front room.
Help to Dust.
Help to cook dinner.
Ask to be shown how to Iron a shirt.


Listen better in class.
Improve my language.
Arrive to school and all lessons on time for a week.

How can I show proof of completing a challenge?

Completion of a challenge can be proved in many different ways. The decision to Accept or Reject a challenge is solely down to your teacher, think of them as your challenge referee. Proof can be provided using a photo of you doing the task, a signature from your parent or guardian saying you have done something, or by your teacher just watching you do something. No challenges will be signed off without proof being handed to your teacher.

Can I award my students points when they do something outstanding in class?

Yes. When logged into your teacher dashboard, there is a button solely for this task. This will award one point and be added to the students yearly total.

What types of school can use Be More Penguin?

We have developed this system to be used by all, in Primary or Secondary education and we are keen to create a fair online competitive environment for all students, at all ages and with all abilities. All students work at different levels and have different needs, meaning that students' challenges also become very individual. Points must be earned and not just given out for small things, so Be More Penguin is giving the decision on whether a challenge is really a challenge to the teacher.

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