What We Do

Creating competition by just doing

Be More Penguin provides a platform that enables schools the tools to create competition amongst students nationally by completing set goals and earning points.

Be More Penguin has been setup to challenge students to continually improve themselves and get rewards for doing it. Based around an online national league, students will build up points for completing challenges in many different areas, such as School, Sport, Home and Behaviour and it's aim is to create fair competition at all levels around schools nationally.

Setup to help schools Inspire and Motivate

Be More Penguin has been developed to be used by all in Primary or Secondary education and aims to create a fair online competitive environment for all students, of all ages and with all abilities. The goal is for each student to accrue points, for achieving challenges throughout each academic year and for Be More Penguin to reward them for doing it. At the heart of our idea we are trying to motivate students, to learn new skills and we are asking them to commit to improving themselves by achieving goals which will positively impact on their lives.

Teachers are key to success

Teachers are central to our service and hold the key to motivating students to achieve their full potential. Be More Penguin gives you the platform to award points to students who challenge themselves regularly and shine in class. The system is very easy to use and can be updated in the classroom, allowing you to award points for outstanding performance straight away and the ability to set regular challenges for each student at the correct level. The teacher will become the mentor and make the final decision on weather a challenge has been completed successfully and ultimately how the student performs on the school and national league tables.

Reward students for achieving individual challenges and unlocking their future potential

All students work at different levels and have different needs, meaning that all student challenges also become very individual. Our service rewards Students at different stages with certificates and vouchers for success. Certificates will be sent to each student via the school, when reaching the levels below and the highest scoring student in your school at the end of the academic year will receive a gift voucher. This also runs alongside rewards for success on the national league, where your students compete with others around the country and if they finish in the top 3 will receive vouchers for success.

Awards for each school

For 50 completed challenges your student will receive a Bronze Certificate

For 100 completed challenges your student will receive a Silver Certificate

For 150 completed challenges your student will receive a Gold Certificate

For 200 completed challenges your student will receive a Platinum Certificate

£20 gift voucher from the list below, for the top in school

Awards for national success

£100 (vouchers from the list below) for the 1st placed student

£50 (vouchers from the list below) for the 2nd placed student

£20 (vouchers from the list below) for the 3rd placed student

Gift vouchers available

New Look
Top Man
Toys R Us
Sports Direct
Marks & Spencer
W H Smith
H & M
House Of Fraser